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PlåXan - prototypes and service, quick and easy

PlåXan is a subsidiary of AQ Components Västerås. PlåXan is an independent entity specialized in prototypes, repairs and other needs where time and flexibility are important. In addition, PlåXan produces large series in Makrolon / Lexan and aluminium.


We can also, if needed, offer dimension calculations and blueprints.


Production for everyone!

  • You have the idea - we make the prototype / product. We can also, if needed, offer support in dimension calculations and blueprints.
  • You have the product - we repairs or supplement
  • You have the requirements - we produce / manufacture


Efficient production

  • Effective process and machinery for prototypes, repairs and small series
  • In larger series, we use AQ in Västerås (same premises) and our other units within the AQ Group in Europe, China, India and Mexico

Personal, fast and easy

  • Direct contact with competent personnel in the production environment
  • Simple processes without requiring drawings and documentation

Order today - delivery today

  • Very short delivery times
  • Products can be picked up or dropped at your "door"

Competence Areas

  • Punching, bending, machining, water jet cutting, assembly and welding (all types of materials and dimensions)
  • Our excellence is in materials of Makrolon / Lexan, aluminium, steel and copper