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AQ Plast

AQ Plast offers injection molding of thermo plastic components with the highest requirements in visual appearance and geometrical tolerances. We also offer thin sheet metal punching and assembling of components to complete products. We have a state of the art machine equipment with picking robots that enable fully automatic production 24 hours per day. We also undertake the production of tools; we have a wide knowledge of tool design and collaborate with leading tool manufacturers worldwide.

In Bulgaria we offer plastic injection molding assembly, design and production of tools.

The company is the result of the merger of the former companies AQ Plast, AQ Holmbergs and AQ Retor Production.

Our customer base consists of both large global industrial customers as well as local customers with high demands on quality, service and on time deliveries.

Customers segments are trucks, cars, electronics, medical applications and general industry.

Quick facts

Production area

6000 m2 in Västerås, Sweden
10000 m2 in Anderstorp, Sweden
1000 m2 in Torslanda, Sweden

Manufacturing methods

  • Injection molding with clamping forces 25-1500 tons, 1 and 2 component
  • Plastic casting on metal components
  • Thin sheet metal punching
  • Wash and barrel polishing
  • Assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Marking by laser engraving, tampo, ink-jet and hot stamping
  • Tool manufacturing

Number of employees



350 MSEK

Corporate identity number


AQ Plast AB gets the highest score (AAA) in D&B credit ranking.


The company was founded in 1992 as Kvalitetsplast AB through a spin-off from ABB Relays in Västerås. The name was changed to AQ Plast AB when AQ Group AB was formed and the business has since been characterized by profitable growth. In May 2014 AQ Plast was merged with AQ Holmbergs AB and AQ Retor Production AB. AQ Retor Production AB was founded in 2005 as Retor Production AB and has since the start been a supplier in the automotive industry. AQ Holmbergs AB was founded in 1938 as Holmbergs Fabriks AB.

Business Concept

  • To manufacture and assemble thermoplastic components and thin metal sheet components for demanding industrial customers.
  • With our commitment to Total Quality our customers become long-term partners.