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AQ Trafotek

AQ Trafotek is a leading supplier of specialized power electronics components, such as reactors, transformers, and filters in medium to high power range. Our products are in everyday use maintaining industrial production, enabling the use of renewable energy sources as well as driving marine transportation.

We work closely together with our customers to provide a high level of customization to ensure that every product is suited to its environment and will meet the specific needs of the task it is designed to perform. As well as ensuring that our products are reliable and highly functional, we also work hard to ensure timely deliveries and local availability and service in all our locations.


Product Range:

  • Reactors
  • Electrical filters
  • Dry-type transformers


Production Area:

  • AQ Trafotek, Finland 6500 m2
  • AQ Trafotek AS, Estonia 5 700 m2
  • AQ Trafotek Brasil m2 1800 m2


Number of Employees:

  • AQ Trafotek Finland: 100
  • AQ Trafotek Estonia:  300
  • AQ Trafotek Brasil: 10


1983                Trafotek Oy, Finland is established

2006                Trafotek (Suzhou) Co, Ltd., China is established

2011                Trafotek AS, Estonia is established

2013                Trafotek Sales Office in Germany is established

2016                Trafotek Power Eletronicos e Transformadores, Brasil is established

2019                Trafotek is acquired by AQ group


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