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Products & Services

AQ is not just manufacturing various types of conventional/ unconventional inductive components customized for demanding customers, but also offering them technical solutions for localization of complex products as well as new product development. Our products and services are broadly categorized as below:

  • HF inductors and transformers
  • DC line filter inductors with HF harmonics
  • 3-phase filter inductors with HF harmonics
  • Reactors for submersion in oil within main transformer
  • Harmonics filters
  • Mono and 3-phase transformers
  • Cast resin transformers & inductors
  • Air coils
  • Transformers with integrated inductor
  • Toroidal transformers and reactors

AQ has developed in-house design capability for inductive components along with various tools for simulation and validation of the product/ system and therefore, AQ offers various technical services to their customers right from concept stage to the product realization. Some of them are listed below:

  • Offers several advanced services including feasibility studies, CAD design, FE electrical and mechanical analysis
  • Specialized design and manufacturing facility for traction applications
  • Detailed analysis of system harmonics
  • Technical support to our customers for design & development of new transformers/ inductors suitable for specific applications
  • Detailed analysis of thermal efficiency
  •  Specialization in Aluminum designs & HF Components.

AQ is proud to be a preferred supplier for leading OEMs across various industrial segments, e.g.

  • Traction
  • Conventional & Non- conventional energy sector
  • Automation
  • Auxiliary supply/ UPS
  • Electronics etc.