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AQ Transformer Solutions Inc.

With nearly 40 years experience, AQ Transformer Solutions Inc. (AQTS) is the leading supplier of custom-built power magnetics components, such as transformers, reactors and filters. AQTS offers medium voltage transformers worldwide with rating up to 12 MVA, 35 KV class.

A long history of specialty application with custom design requirement laid the foundation for a solid engineering-based company offering transformers, filters and reactors solutions for many markets. The markets served include- rail transit, utility, industrial, commercial, alternative energy and marine/offshore.

We deliver superior quality solutions for long term efficiency and superior reliability. With this extensive experience AQTS has the knowledge and experience to provide a reliable and cost-effective product on-time, every-time.



Production facility:

80,000 Square Foot are in our modern production facility in Wytheville, Virginia- USA



Dry type transformers for utilities, industrial and commercial use have been expertly crafted since the company was formed in 1985. Our Engineers have a thorough knowledge of the applications that our products support, and they create unique designs to support our customers’ special requirements.

-Established in 1985 as Magnetic Technology Corporation.

-Moved to an 80,000 square foot production floor facility in 2001.

-In 2008 the brand name changed to MTC transformers.

-The Schaffner group acquired MTC in 2011 and became Schaffner- MTC.

-The Schaffner group acquired TRENCO in 2014. TRENCO consolidated into Wytheville, Virginia facility in 2016.

-July 2021, AQ group acquired Schaffner-MTC and became AQ Transformer Solutions Inc (AQTS).


Business Concept:

  • Flawless execution and quality commitment for all manufactured equipment by AQTS. Our customers become long term partners.