Cision Websolutions


With highly competent and motivated employees, who always have the customer in focus, together with a unique range of production processes we are very proud of our production facility in Vaggeryd and the possibilites it generates for our customers. It gives high adaptability and flexibility to provide you as a customer with the best solution at every given step in your products' life cycle. It also gives us the capacity to find the optimum solution for every inquiry. We do this through intense joint cooperation. Cooperation, which we believe should be built on the key words honesty, openness and respect.

Our strength lies in the possibility to be a complete partner, the ability together with you to go from idea to reality. This means from design & construction via prototype production to industrialisation and delivery. During the entire process, we work continuously to find better and better solutions, because this is very important for us. We always want to work continuously to reduce our customers' total costs. We do this both internally and together with customers, through various structured activities that we would be pleased to tell you more about.

Manufacturing methods

Laser cutting
Excenter pressing
Folding machine/Panel bender
Press brake (manually and automated)
Welding (manually and automated)
E-clps treatment, powder paint, screen printing
Test & trials

Examples of products

Commercial goods/service machines

Cash dispenser
Drinks dispensers
Recycling systems
Fuel systems


Heat exchangers
Humidifying systems
Air conditioners


Systems for the telecoms and motor vehicle industry.

Food industry

Machines to food industry