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AQ Components Suzhou


    AQ Components Suzhou provides design and manufacturing of mechanical components and assemblies. With our key processes such as mechanical product design and development, vertical integration by internal metal stamping, plastic injection molding, assembly, and wide range of surface treatment solutions we offer fully finished and assembled products. Choosing AQ Components Suzhou as a partner in a project is like working with an enthusiastic and conscientious colleague at every stage of the project – from idea to finished product.

     Our machine equipment is modern and efficient and together with suppliers enables us to offer the whole production chain , including hard tool stamping,punching,bending,Welding,post-processing ,surface treatment injection molding and assembly.




7 000 m2



Production design & Development
Metal stamping
Injection molding
Insert/over molding


Number of employees



Business Concept

    By superior technology we shall provide high quality metal stamping and plastic injection molding and  integrated solutions to high demanding customers. With our commitment to Total Quality our customers become long-term partners.




    AQ Components Suzhou was established during the end of 1999. Today we supply world-leading companies in telecom, automotive, medical, and general industries, both locally and globally.