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AQ Magnit

Manufacturer of inductive components within the range of 1VA up to 3MVA, relays and other products for electro-technical Industry.


Short facts

Production facilities

7 000 m2 production area at facility in Godech, Bulgaria.

Manufacturing methods

  • Wire and tape winding
  • Assembly
  • Welding processes covered by EN 3834 and EN15085CL1
  • Casting and VPI

Number of employees

400 people




The company Magnit was established in 1964. As a part of the Government Electro Technical Industry of Bulgaria, Magnit was specialized in production of 1ph and 3ph dry transformers. Since 1997 AQ Magnit is a member of AQ Group.

Business Concept

  • To develop and manufacture inductive components in the range of 1VA to 3MVA, relays and other products for Electro Technical Industry.
  • With our commitment to Total Quality, our customers become long term partners.