Cision Websolutions



  • Cutting of wire, terminal crimping, seal assembly, automatic tinning on Komax machines, presses and applicators with the power of grip monitoring system.
  • Flat cables treatment.
  • Connecting wires - using applicators, tinning and shrinking tubes assembling.
  • Overprinting - carry out an overprint on wires and cables by ink (continuous overprinting) and thermal - hot stamp marking (begin and end of wire.
  • Cutting and striping of multi-core cables - automatic on Komax and Schleuniger machines.
  • Taping - automating wraping on the machine.
  • Wire twisting.
  • Tubes and shrinking tubes cutting on the machine.
  • Automatic seal assembly.
  • Manual tinning.
  • Resistance soldering.
  • Terminal crimping on presses.
  • Connector marking- hot stamp marking.
  • Assembling and testing of wire harness - assembling & testing metal boards, equipped in testing tablets, relay testing possibility, 100% electrical test.


AQ Wiring Systems STG offers assembly of mechanical sets which don't contain electric connections. All projects are implemented directly for customer order.


We offer montage of testing boards and control devices. 100% of our products is electrically checked by a low voltage test.