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Serial production

Flexibility and speed by volume

Serial production is one of AQ Mecanova’s core competencies, for which the company has developed a flexible service concept that takes the product life cycle into account. Serial production is cost-efficient at all stages and reacts quickly to changes.

All product series go through a careful productisation process. The functionality of the product is tested and detailed work methods and instructions are created. The company units comply with the principle of lean production, so advantages are particularly highlighted when production volume changes.

Cost-efficiency throughout 
the product life cycle

The work methods used in serial production are optimised depending on the number of pieces produced. The aim is to achieve comprehensive cost-efficiency throughout the product life cycle.

  • In low volume production, the number of pieces per year is less than one thousand. The production takes place in flexible production cells and the degree of automation is small.
  • In high volume production, the work methods include fully automatic mechanical presses and more developed work techniques which considerably reduce the unit price of the product.

AQ Mecanova’s Total lifecycle management concept also offers active support at the end of the product life cycle. The information related to product manufacture is documented carefully throughout the product history. Documentation substantially continues the useful life of supplied products.