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System Deliveries

A system delivery is greater than the sum of its parts 

AQ Mecanova also delivers completed products and product combinations. Our long-term cooperation with leading brands and competence that extends from product development to manufacture guarantee a strong partnership with our turnkey customers.

AQ Mecanova’s system delivery is an easy and dependable way to organise product manufacture. In addition to mechanical parts, system deliveries often include the assembly of electrical components, software downloads and testing. The outsourcing of product manufacture to AQ Mecanova facilitates the customer’s quality control and provides flexibility in changing situations.

Assembly at centre stage

In system deliveries, assembly in all its aspects constitutes a key manufacturing stage. Assembly is mainly done by hand. It is flexible in the manufacture of small or medium-sized lots. The strengths of Mecanova’s assembly are particularly highlighted when the amount of variations is large.

Sourcing and logistics as part of the service

When needed, AQ Mecanova’s system deliveries also include purchase and delivery logistics. We then take responsibility for component purchase and the timely delivery of product lots to the customer’s distribution network. This arrangement frees up the customer’s resources for their core business.