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AQ Inductives Hungary Kft

AQ Inductives Hungary Kft manufactures and assembles of LV power electronics inductive components, such as reactors, transformers and filters within the range of 20VA up to 3MVA for demanding Industry segments.

We deliver to our long-term customers a highly customized products which are highly functional and reliable in challenging environments like Railway Rolling stock applications.



Short facts


Production facility

7 000 m2 production area in our modern facility in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Manufacturing methods

  • Wide range of wire and foil winding, both Al and Cu conductors
  • Complex assembly with lifting capability up to 6400Kg
  • Copper and Aluminum Brazing
  • VPI and Varnishing facility
  • Wide range of routine and type testing in various frequencies, including MF converter system


Number of employees

115 people




The contract manufacturing of filters and small inductive components started 1999. Schaffner EMV Hungary Kft was established in 2000.  Over the years We have extended to our product portfolio to LV Reactors and transformers and built our current facility in 2008 to  able to manufacture larger custom designed inductive components serving customers  in demanding industries such as railways rolling stock or renewable energy. In 2021 July Schaffner Power Magnetic Division was acquired,  AQ Inductives Hungary  is a member of AQ Group.

•1999 Start Contract Manufacturing for Schaffner EMV AG 

•2001 Establish Schaffner EMV Hungary Kft (Ltd)

•2007 Extend inductive components and filter manufacturing  power range

•2008 Build and move to our state of the Current facility

•2011 Enter to Custom build Power Magnetic production segment

•2014 Implement IRIS and serving Railway Rolling Stock OEMs  IRIS      

•2018  Extend service offerings with Prototyping and Type testing

•2021  Acquisition by AQ Group


Business Concept

  • AQ Inductives Hungary Kft. develops, manufactures and assembles LV mid power  inductive components and systems for demanding industrial customers.