Cision Websolutions


The unit in Sollefteå was started in the 60´s as an ASEA-unit. Eventually it became an ABB-unit that was called ABB Nordkomponent.

2007 the unit was bought by Gerdins, became an own company and was named Gerdins Nordkomponent. 

20016 the company was bought by AQ Group and the name was then changed to AQ Enclosure Sollefteå AB. The focus for the business has not been changed due to the changes of owners.

Number of employees: appr. 65 

Turnover: appr. 100 MSEK

Business Concept

We are a partner with world class competence that design, manufacture and assembly cabinets and other thin sheet metal constructions for demanding customers. 

With our commitment to Total Quality our customers become long term partners.