Cision Websolutions

Production in own factory with efficient and flexible solutions
Our modern production equipment makes us both efficient and flexible, which gives us the ability to manufacture the entire spectrum from individual prototypes to large series.

Punching and laser cutting

We have two Prima Power turret punching machines with scissors that are integrated with a pallet handling system (Night Train) in a highly efficient FMS system.
We also have a stand-alone Bystronic laser with associated automatic charging.
The great advantages of using laser cutting are that it is much easier to cut straight, fine lines and complicated contours.
At the same time, it is a technology that can handle rapid adjustments or dimensional changes that make laser cutting a very flexible production.


Edge pressing

We have an automatic Prima Power edge folding machine that is very efficient, especially for larger details that would require 2 operators for manual edge pressing. We also have 4 manual edging presses from the Ursviken brand.



We perform welding (MIG / MAG / TIG), spot welding and press welding in most materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
In the production of prototypes and shorter series, manual welding is used, where our knowledgeable employees demonstrate their professional skills.

We have an ABB robot that currently welds aluminum products with CMT technology in larger series that provide a high production speed - but above all a higher and more even quality. We also have resources for the manufacture of welding fixtures.

Powder coating

Our painting line gives us flexibility, enables short lead times and provides a cost-effective surface treatment. We can offer a wide selection of different colors and structures. Our aluminum cabinets have such high corrosion resistance that they are approved for marine environments (C5M-H).


We assemble everything from simple metal cabinets to complete products such as fans and dehumidifiers, including electronic tests.