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AQ Lasertool OÜ


The business concept of AQ Lasertool OÜ is mainly focused manufacturing parts for commercial vehicles, ticket and teller machines and steel constructions for windmills.

In order to be able to offer high quality services to our customers in our business areas our company is certified according to IATF 16949 and EN 1090

Short facts

Production facilities

10 000 m2 (Pärnu Lagre) Film from Lagre 
  4 000 m2 (Jüri) Film from Jüri 
  2 500 m2 (Viimsi) Film from Viimsi

Number of employees




Company’s registration number



AQ Lasertool OÜ in Estonia was founded as a daugther company of Lasertool AB in 2003. In 2006 AQ Group took over production in Sweden and Estonia creating two subsidiaries, AQ Lasertool AB and AQ Lasertool OÜ. In 2014 Foleshill Metal Finishing in Viimsi and Sertec Engineering Estonia in Jüri were acquired and integrated into AQ Lasertool OÜ. In 2018 Mecanova OÜ in Pärnu were acquired and integrated into AQ Lasertool OÜ.

Business concept

To develop and manufacture components and systems for demanding industrial customers.
With our commitment to Total Quality, our customers become long term partners.

The project "AQ Lasertool OÜ digipöörde projekt" received funding from the European Union's NextGenerationEU recovery fund.


Summary of the project:

As a result of the project, AQ Lasertool OÜ will increase the digitalization of its production processes, leading to an enhancement of the company's production capacity and value added per employee. During the investment phase, AQ Lasertool OÜ will implement a new fiber laser cutting machine along with automated warehouses, integrating them with the existing software systems within the company.


Project Objective and Outcome:

The objective of the project is to enhance the efficiency of production processes. As a result of the project, a new fiber laser cutting machine with automated warehousing capabilities will be acquired. This new machine provides a cutting speed approximately four times faster than the old CO2 laser cutting machine.

As a result of the project, a new, more powerful and faster fiber laser cutting machine will be introduced. This new machine includes additional interface software between the machine and the ERP system, enabling a seamless transmission of work programs and work orders through the internal network. The implementation of the fiber laser cutting machine will reduce the number of employees required, as there will be no need for additional labor to separate the parts. The automated warehouse will expedite the delivery of raw materials and increase the automation level of the production unit, as the two CO2 laser cutting machines do not have automated warehousing. Furthermore, the new automated warehousing fiber laser cutting machine can automatically separate cut parts and place them on transport pallets according to product groups, thus avoiding the next bottleneck in the production process.

As a result of the project, the digitalization of AQ Lasertool OÜ's production processes will be increased, leading to an increase in the company's value added per employee.

The amount of the grant is 174,182.36 EUR.


The project "AQ Lasertool OÜ varustuskindluse toetus" received funding from the European Union's recovery fund NextGenerationEU.

The implementation of the project is necessary to increase the company's electricity supply reliability. The goal of the project is to reduce the company's dependence on fossil fuels. To achieve this goal, a solar power plant will be built and electric forklifts will be purchased. As a result of their introduction, the company's consumption of fossil fuels will decrease, as well as the amount of electricity consumed from the electrical grid, and electricity supply reliability will improve.

Amount of the grant is: 121,500 €