Cision Websolutions


Manufacturing processes

  • Sheet metal processing
  • Progressive tool and manual stamping
  • Presses with tonnage 25-300 T
  • Manual, spot, laser and robot welding (TIG, MIG/MAG, 2kW laser)
  • Surface treatment (Electro-Dip coating, powder painting)
  • Assembly



Welding is one of our core competences. Approximately half of our direct employees are welders, which gives us opportunity to offer high-quality welding services in different welding techniques.
AQ Lasertool OÜ is certified according to ISO-EN 3834-2 and ISO-EN 15085-2 according to CL1 and CL2. Welding class provided up to CP C1 - with weld tests in-house.

Manual welding is done in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We offer TIG as well as MIG/MAG and CMT welding processes. Robot welding is done in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Spot welding is offered in our facility in Jüri.

We are one of the few companies in northern Europe offering friction stir welding of aluminium (FSW).


Sheet metal processing

We offer a complete range of different metal processing services:

  • laser cutting
  • turret punching
  • progressive tool stamping
  • manual stamping
  • excentric pressing
  • hydraulic pressing (25-300 T)
  • machining
  • turning
  • bending
  • forming
  • assembly etc.


Surface treatment

About 70% of the total volume of products we manufacture are painted before delivery to our customers. An in-house paint line with ED coating and powder painting means the company can offer a total solution under one roof from raw material to the finished product. In co-operation with our subcontractors we can offer also anodizing, hot-dip galvanizing, electrolytic plating etc.