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AQ Lasertool offers wide range of different high-quality manufacturing processes:

  • Punch-laser processing
  • Laser-cutting
  • Punching
  • Progressive tool stamping
  • Manual stamping
  • Excenter and hydraulic pressing
  • Bending
  • High-speed machining
  • Welding (manual, spot, robot)
  • Friction stir welding (FSW)
  • Riveting
  • Surface treatments (ED coating, powder painting)
  • Assembly
  • Measuring & testing

Design support

Our engineering team consist of more than 15 engineers, which gives us a great opportunity to provide comprehensive support to our customers.

Product introduction

Full PPAP process: product introduction process, prototype manufacturing, documentation, validation, testing, industrializing and quality assurance.

Friction stir welding

AQ Lasertool OÜ is the first subcontractor in the Baltic countries working with the new, stronger and cheaper method of aluminium welding – friction stir welding (FSW). With this method a special tool is used to join two surfaces. Friction heat is generated between the tool and materials which leads to a very soft region near the tool. It then mixes the two pieces of metal at the place of the joint, then the softened metal can be joined using mechanical pressure. It generates a joint that is stronger than traditional welded joints.

In a traditional aluminium weld the joint has approximately 75% of the strength of the original material. With FSW the strength is increased to 95% around the joint and the joint is stronger than the material itself. The reason for this is that the generated heat does not affect the crystalline structure of the material. In the joint the structure is better than the original material while creating a joint that is extremely smooth and even.