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AQ ParkoPrint AB

AQ ParkoPrint manufactures OEM products, such as automats, printers and vending machines, e.g. for tickets and goods.
AQ ParkoPrint is a complete supplier taking total responsibility for its partners. We acquire material and components, manufacture, assemble, test, deliver and carry out factory repairs.
The things we manufacture are characterised by our close and long-term cooperation with our customers to  jointly design products and manufacturing methods. Our competence, development resources and long experience of this type of manufacturing results in cost-effective production. We work with the leading subcontractors in their field.
Through our contacts we can provide manufacturing of appropriate components in low cost countries, frequently within AQ Group, where we can benefit from AQ's competence and capacity but also from contacts with other companies.
We have been involved with purchasing components from other continents for decades – here too, we benefit from AQ Group's volumes and skills in order to be cost effective.

Examples of our customers are Cale Access, Zebra and Midroc.

Quick facts

Production area

4,700 sq m in Gävle

Manufacturing methods and services

  • Design in 3D CAD Inventor Pro
  • High competence in the acquisition of material and components on the world market
  • Laser cutting, punching, tapping, riveting etc. in combination/single machines
  • Bending in edge bending machines
  • Welding, with robots and manually
  • Advanced and simpler mechanical assembly
  • Electrical and electronics assembly with soldering
  • Testing of mechanics and software
  • Packaging and experience in delivering to many parts of the world
  • Factory repairs/service

Number of Employees



150 M SEK

Registration Number



The company was founded in 1951. From January 2007, we are a part of AQ Group.