Cision Websolutions


Assembly plant

• Advanced and simpler assembly
• Light to medium weight assembly work
• Assembly of mechanical parts, electrical and electronics
• Testing of mechanisms and software
• 7 assembly lines for assembly and testing
• > 50 work stations for assembly and testing
• Packaging and deliveries worldwide
• 4 work stations for assembling electronics with soldering
• Pressing of contacts
• Manufacturing of cable harnesses
• Packing and loading on pallets

Laser punch

Trumpf TC600L Laser punch 1500 W

  • Max work range 2500 x 1250 mm
  • Max plate thickness 8 mm (black)

The machine is equipped with an extensive tools programme for making holes, countersinking, slot drill and tapping attachments, as well as bending to a limited extent. The machine is particularly suitable for complex constructions, e.g. electronics chassis or encapsulations.


  • Welding robot ABB S-2
  • Welding robot ABB S-4
  • A handful of MIG welding cells
  • TIG welding
  • Bolt welding for fastenings
  • Spot welding

Edge Presses and Excentric Presses

  • 7 Excentric presses from 6 tons to 160 tons
  • Edge presses from 35 tons to 100 tons