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Cable Harness Manufacturing and Manufacturing of Electromechanical Modules

Cable harness manufacturing is the most important product area of AQ Wiring Systems in Mjallom. We offer a wide range of cable harness products for almost every application, i.e. customised cable harnesses with the desired number of cables, terminals, connectors and enclosures. All quality tested and ready for installation. We also have vast experience of designing and manufacturing complex electromechanical modules, for the defence and farming industry. Working in close cooperation with our customers has many advantages, such as lower costs as well as continuously improving knowledge.

Technology and Development

AQ Wiring Systems AB in Mjällom has more than 30 years experience of manufacturing cable harnesses – experience that has taught us two important things:

  • We must always offer our customers products of the highest technical quality..
  • We must constantly improve and develop new rational methods for the entire production process.

AQ Wiring Systems AB in Mjällom use modern design tools, where we can import most commercially available CAD systems into our system and, in an efficient manner, design and optimise the cost of the production process. Close cooperation with our customers' technical project management during the design phase has shown itself to be the most effective way of reducing the total product cost.