Cision Websolutions



We have extensive experience of assembly in different forms. We offer effective and unique solutions through flexibility and a high level of expertise, based on each client's specific needs.


We supply everything from the simplest sub-assemblies to complex turnkey OEM products and systems. We perform all types of assembly, with core expertise in mechanics, electricity and electronics. Our clients are both local and global companies that can be found in a variety of industries, for example ventilation - and plumbing, electricity, automotive and rail industry.


Efficient manufacturing

In order to meet the market's demands and expectations, in delivering products of varying complexity, we offer through our various production units the best of both worlds. Assembly in a local vicinity or in low-cost country, depending on customer needs.


AQ gives customers that little bit extra

For creative partnerships and long term relationships with our customers, our aim is to offer the most cost effective solution in the framework of AQ Group. In our commitment to support our customers from concept to finished product, we offer both design and technical production resources. All to create optimal conditions for a rational and efficient assembly.


AQ offer:

  • Series production of large and small series
  • Project Manufacturing in large and small series
  • Advanced and simple products
  • Design, develop or further develop
  • Prototyping
  • Production in low-cost countries, with local presence
  • Extensive experience in sourcing of materials and components in the world market