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We offer through our committed staff, great knowledge and modern machinery, creative and cost effective sheet metal solutions.


AQ's production is flexible, which means that we can offer both small and large series. The components are manufactured using a variety of production methods, such as laser, punching, pressing and bending.

Production in material thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 20 mm and in a variety of materials (e.g. steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, Aluminium-Zinc alloy and aluminium). The components are supplied painted or coated in accordance with our customers' requirements.


Total cost

Choice of manufacturing process is always taken in a total cost perspective, where quality, cost and delivery time are key values. Our development department offers production optimization, by design and consultancy of materials.


We have extensive experience in a variety of delivery methods. Everything from kanban, line replenishment to normal order entry and forecasting. This gives our customers the opportunity for optimal solutions based on unique needs. For customers in our region, we are able to offer logistic services through own courier vans.




Our customers range from global corporations to small local businesses in areas such as power, automotive, security, HVAC, and rail industries.


AQ offer:

  • Automated cutting, punching and bending in large and small volumes with short lead time.
  • Tools-bound processing in large volumes (automatic presses)
  • Hydraulic and eccentric presses from 10 to 100t.
  • Assembly of press elements in specialized equipment
  • Finishing, wet painting, powder coating and electroplating.


Optimized production for electric steel

AQ has an optimized production process for prototypes and small series of components in electric steel. AQ offers the latest fiber laser technology for cutting electrical steel.

  • Ultra high cutting speed - resulting in less heat exposure in the material.
  • Very narrow slitting cuts - High quality and very tight tolerances.
  • Flixibility - no need for investment in tooling
  • Short lead times - Delivery in 5 days
  • Cutting of precious materials - copper, brass up to 10 mm