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Welded Structures


AQ has extensive experience working with welded structures in different shapes and materials. We are EN ISO 3834 and EN ISO 15085 certified, which means that we are prepared to take on qualified welding tasks. Our welding operations are performed in a new and highly modern workshop. Designed to best perform both simpler and more skilled welding operations.


We want to be your partner in welding. Our contribution can be anything between simple welding tasks, series production in robot cells to extensive projects requiring EN-ISO15085 certification. Our clients are global and local, and can be found in a variety of industries, for example, ventilation and plumbing, electric power, automotive and rail industry.

Quality and our own EWE-educated supervisor

In order to meet the market's demands and expectations in delivering flawless welded products in different materials (in series - or projects with varying complexity and scale) we have a number of highly skilled welders. We are equipped with modern welding machines and tools to get the best conditions possible. Our EWE-educated supervisor controls and monitors the welding process.

AQ gives customers that little bit extra

Through creative partnerships and long term relationships with our customers, we offer the most cost effective solution in the framework of AQ Group. In our commitment to support our customer from idea to finished product, we can offer development / design, production and technical welding resources.


AQ offer:

  • Modern welding shop, certified to EN-ISO 3834 and EN-ISO 15085
  • Well trained welding personnel and welding supervisor with EWE-training.
  • Welding in all common materials.
  • Welding in series production or custom.
  • Robotic welding cell
  • Prototyping and welding fixtures