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Dynamic Mixer



AQ Dynamic Mixer continuously stirs and mixes liquids utilizing a powerful motor and aseptic design. The liquid that it mixes is monitored using AQ Motor Controller MP72. The AQ Motor Controller MP72 controls mixer speed via Profibus DP or via 4-20mA input, it also communicates via profibus DP.

Reliable & Flexible

The AQ Dynamic Mixer speed can be set between 25-1000rpm. The unit has been designed with a brushless motor and no gearbox - thus providing a long, reliable operating life. At all speeds the mixer runs very quietly.

Mixer settings are easy to control via the interface in the external control unit, AQ Motor Controller MP72.

Hygienic Design

The mounting connections are standard sanitary flange connections which make assembly/disassembly fast, clean and easy. The mixing impeller is developed for maximum efficiency. It is completely smooth and electropolished with a Ra value of <0.4um.


For more information, download the product datasheet or the manual in  File Archive