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AQ Group

AQ Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for industrial customers with high demands.

AQ Group was founded as Aros Quality Group in 1994 through the merger of Aros Kvalitetsplast AB, the transformer division of ABB Industrial Systems and the accessories section of ABB Relays. We have shown a steady and fast growth with good profitability since the start. The company was floated on the Swedish stock exchange AktieTorget in 2001 and switched list to Nasdaq Stockholm in 2017.

The business is organized in two segments: System and Component. System includes our business areas Electric Cabinets and System Products. Component includes our business areas Injection Molding, Inductive Components, Wiring Systems and Sheet Metal Processing.

Activities are organized in these specialized business areas with operating companies, which offer cost effective solutions for our customers. The consolidated knowledge in the AQ Group, along with a global presence offer unique benefits to customers around the world. Quality is central to everything we are involved in and is something we are constantly working to develop. In our world, quality and efficiency go hand in hand.

AQ Group has since its inception in 1994 shown a steady and fast growth with good profitability. The Group has approximately 9000 employees, including 85% in growth countries outside Sweden. The annual turnover is approximately €790 Million. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm's main market in Sweden.

History in brief

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1994 – AQ Group is established through a merge between Aros Kvalitetsplast and a transformer division of ABB
1996 – Acquisition of a transformer factory in Godech, Bulgaria called AQ Magnit AD
1998 – Acquisition of a transformer factory from Ericssons AB in Söderhamn, Sweden
2001 – The AQ share is listed on Aktietorget on the 6th of June
2003 – Acquisition of AQ Electric AD in Bulgaria
2004 – Acquisition of two mechanical workshops in Sweden and one in China
2006 – Acquisition of AQ Lasertool with factories in Sweden and in Pärnu, Estonia
2008 – Acquisition of a Chinese transformer factory
2009 – Acquisition of Segerström & Svensson in Eskilstuna, Sweden
2010 – Acquisition of TVAB, wiring systems factories in Sweden and Poland
2012 – Acquisition of Durapart Industries with factories in Lithuania and Mexico
2013 – Acquisition of Arkivator in Falköping and IPP in Lyrestad, both in Sweden
2014 – Acquisition of Carat Electronics AD in Bulgaria and Sertec Engineering and Foleshill Metal Finishing in Estonia
2015 – Acquisition of Anton Kft in Hungary
2016 – Acquisition of Gerdins Industrial Systems in Sverige and Poland and Magnetica Srl. in Italy and Serbia
2017 – The AQ share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholms main market on the 16th of January
2018 - Acquisition of Mecanova Oy in Finland and Estonia and B3CG Interconnect in Canada and USA
2019 - Acquisition of Trafotek in Finland, Estonia, China, Brazil and Germany and MiniCon in Sweden
2021 - Acquisition of Schaffner Group, Power Magnetics Division