Cision Websolutions


Customer-driven manufacturing

Our factories in Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Finland, India, Brazil, Hungary and USA constitute modern facilities with effective customer-driven production groups. “Customer-driven” means that production is adapted to the customer's demands.

Quality Control

In order to secure the quality of our products, we apply a quality assurance process where production engineers participate in product development. Quality control is performed from incoming goods, during the manufacturing process until the final inspection before delivery.

Modern production facilities combined with competent employees

AQ concentrates on well-trained personnel and efficient production. New employees start with an introductory course focusing on quality, basic electrical engineering, welding, soft soldering and crimping with accompanying tests and certificates. Great importance is attached to modern machinery and accessories as well as to environmental aspects and ergonomics. Machinery with high level of automation, automatic soldering and welding machines, testing computers and in-house developed special-purpose machines are some of the effective accessories that assist our well-trained production personnel.


AQ has invested a lot in training, processes and equipment for welding. Our factories in Bulgaria and China are EN 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 certified.