Cision Websolutions


Our business and processes are designed in such a way that energy and resources are used efficiently and waste and rest products are minimized over the life cycle of our products.

We support duty of care by avoiding material and methods which can lead to environmental and health risks when suitable alternatives are available.

All of the group's production units are certified according to ISO 14001. All units are securing that national environmental laws are followed.

UN Global Compact

AQ Group is part of the UN Global Compact since 2012

Sustainable operations

We aim to make our processes and products as environmentally friendly as possible. Targets for CO2 emission are set in all local companies.

The continuous work to achive a high quality level and delivery precision are regarded as environmental improvements.

  • Quality assured manufacturing means less consumption of material, resources and energy.
  • Delivery precision regarding agreed quantity and time prevents unplanned energy consuming activities and extra transports.