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Corporate governance

The corporate governance of AQ Group AB (publ.) involves ensuring that the company is managed in a way that is as efficient as possible for the shareholders through a combination of written rules and practice. AQ Group AB complies with applicable aspects of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, which applies to Swedish companies whose shares are traded on a regulated market (NASDAQ OMX).

The principle of the Code is to comply or explain. AQ Group deviates from the code in the following instances:
• Nomination committee: according to the Code, this shall consist of a majority of non-Board members and no more than one of the members of the nomination committee may be dependent on the company's major shareholders. AQ's biggest shareholders have taken the view that the company's ownership structure, with two owners between them holding approximately 40% of the shares in the company, is best served in the nomination committee by these owners together with other shareholders.
• The board has appointed a renumeration committee and an audit committee during 2016.