Cision Websolutions


Signal and power supply cable harnesses

AQ Wiring Systems provides total solutions for signal transmission and power supply that are designed for easy integration in our customers' existing products.

Electromechanical modules

The company has vast experience of designing and manufacturing complex electromechanical modules, e.g. driver desks and electrical cabinets for trains and electrical modules for the building and construction industry.

Design and construction of cable harnesses and electromechanical modules

We operate a top-class modern CAE system, VeSys, which provides excellent options for communications as well as precise design and configuration of our cable harnesses and electromechanical modules.

Customised cable harnesses and electromechanical modules

We have the competence to provide specially customised cable harness and electromechanical modules for our customers' production processes and we can give advice on the optimal component solutions.

Abrasion testing equipment

The abrasion testing equipment from AQ Wiring Systems is so precise that it set the standard for ISO 6722-1. It has been designed for testing the durability of cable insulation under extreme conditions as well as to measure specific variables.
The testing equipment is sold exclusively via Inhol BV/BTL –– please contact them for more information.