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Inductive Components

AQ inductive components are used in some of the most demanding applications, such as in motor drives, high-speed trains, solar and wind energy, marine and offshore, relay protection systems, military equipment, airplanes and equipment for process automation. Most of our products have been developed in collaboration with our customers. This opportunity is being utilized by an increasing number of companies because it makes it possible to develop cost-effective and technically optimal solutions.

Our product range includes a broad spectrum of transformers and inductors:

  • Transformers and inductors for circuit board assembly
  • Single- and 3-phase transformers, EI sections, cut cores, C sections, UI sections
  • Single- and 3-phase inductors, EI sections, cut-cores, UI sections, AC design with harmonics and a variety of curve forms and DC designs for smoothing
  • Transformers and inductors for traction
  • Transformers with integrated inductor
  • Power transformers for marine, offshore and heavy industry applications
  • Toroidal transformers
  • HF inductors ≤ 25 kHz
  • HF transformers ≤ 15 kHz
  • Air inductors
  • Chokes
  • Reactors
  • Coils
  • Filters
  • System voltage of up to 22 kV
  • Output of 1VA to 12.5MVA
  • Cooling via natural convection, or forced air or water cooling

If you want to have more information regarding our products then please look at our catalogues below.

AQ Inductive Components.pdf

Customized Inductive Components.pdf

Small inductive components.pdf

Dry type transformers

Cast resin transformers

AQ offers customised development and manufacturing as well as a number of services. Sales and product development takes place at: 
AQ Trafo in Sweden 
AQ Electric in China
AQ Magnetica Italy, in Italy
AQ Trafotek, in Finland and Germany
AQ Inductive Components Germany in Germany
AQ Transformer Solutions in USA

AQ’s inductive components are manufactured at:
AQ Magnit in Bulgaria
AQ Electric in China
AQ Inductive Components India in India
AQ Trafotek in Finland, Estonia and Brazil
AQ Transformer Solutions in USA
AQ Inductives Hungary in Hungary