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Board of Directors & Auditor

In accordance with The Articles of Association, AQ's Board shall consist of not less than three and no more than eight members and no elected deputies. Members are elected annually at the AGM for the period until the next AGM. The company's board currently consists of six members, including the chairman. The appointment of all the members at will be until the end of the following AGM. In the below list the directors with information regarding their year of birth, year of election to the Board, experience, current and former positions, and shareholdings in the Company. The shares in the Company subject to own, directly and indirectly.

Claes Mellgren
Chairman of the Board
Born: 1959
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Elected: 2018. Independent to the Company and the Company's management, not independent of the major shareholders.
Education and experience: MSc. Engineering and founder of AQ. Has previously been production, logistics and site manager at different ABB units in Västerås. Claes has been a Board member in AQ Group AB until 2015, and CEO from October 2010 to August 2018. Previous Chairman of the Board in Note AB.
Other current assignments: Board member of  Ferroamp AB and of Solö Mechanical Solutions Aktiebolag.
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 18,019,875 shares

Per-Olof Andersson
Board member
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Elected: 1994. Chairman of the Board 2009-2018. Independent to the Company and the Company's management, not independent of the major shareholders.
Education and experience: Tool maker. Founder of AQ.
Other ongoing assignments: Chairman of the Board in Ociusnet Group AB and board member of SPG Holding AB.
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: -
​Share holding AQ:  17,794,875 shares

Ulf Gundemark
Board member
Born: 1951
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Elected: 1998 independent*
Education and experience: MSc. in Engineering at Chalmers. Ulf has international experience and worked as manager for Electroskandia/Hagemeyer Nordics, IBM Utilities and various positions within ABB. Has been Chairman of Nordic Waterproofing Group, Lindab International, Swedish Stirling AB and Bridge to China. He has also been board member of Scandi Standard AB, Constructur Group AS, Lönne International AS, Solar Group AS and Lantmännen ek. association.
Other current assignments: Board member of GUMACO AB.
Owns more then 5% of the shares in: Gumaco AB
Share holding AQ: 5,050 shares

Gunilla Spongh
Board member
Born: 1966
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Elected: 2014 independent*
Education and experience: MSc. industrial economics. Former CFO Preem, chief international affairs and CFO Mekonomen.
Other current assignments: Board member of Byggmax, Consivo Group, Meds Apotek, Momentum Group, Lernia, Systemair, ViaCon, Dacke Industri and OptiGroup AB. Chairman of Bluefish Pharmaceuticals.
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: Gunilla Spongh Förvaltning AB
Share holding AQ: 3,000 shares

Lars Wrebo
Board member
Born: 1961
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Elected: 2017 independent*
Education and experience: Master of Science from KTH. Broad international experience from the automotive industry. As part of the Group Management in Volvo Cars, responsible for purchasing and manufacturing, and for production and logistics within MAN Truck & Bus. He also has had a number of senior positions within Scania.
Other current assignments:  Board member of LEAX Group AB, SMPP Holding AB and Thor Ahlgren AB.
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 20,000 shares

Kristina Willgård
Board member
Born: 1965
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Elected: 2023 independent*
Education and experience: Master degree in Economics from Lunds Universitet. Auditor Arthur Andersen AB, CFO Netwise AB, CFO Ericsson AB, CFO Addtech AB, MD and CEO AddLife AB.
Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board in C-Rad. Board member of Mölnlycke Health Care, Ernströmgruppen and Addnode Group and InArea Group.Member of the Aeternum Capitals advisory board.
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 5,000 shares

Jennifer Rock-Baley
Ernst & Young AB
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Other current assignments: 
Recipharm Group, Oleter Group, Truecaller and Sida.

*Independent of the Company, the Company's management and the Company's major owners