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Special Tech & Engineering

AQ Engineering develops complete system solutions for the automotive industry as well as providing highly skilled engineers in cost calculation, quality and mechanical engineering for sheet metal and plastic designs to the automotive and other industries. Their engineers can develop the manufacturing methods as well as the product in close cooperation with the customer.

AQ Italy , AQ Trafo and AQ Trafotek are focused on design of inductive components, both electrical and mechanical design. Their design engineers have wide experience in preparing solutions together with the customer that meet the customer's requirements and demands. The design work is performed in Solid Works where a 3D model of the product is created based on the customer’s specifications. Design verification, both mechanical, electrical and thermal, is done via FEM calculations.

AQ Mekatronik in Bollnäs, Sweden has competence in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as electronics. They have expertise in design of master controllers, safety pedals and instrument panels for the train industry.