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Group Management

James Ahrgren 
Born: 1979
Appointed: 2021
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Education and experience: Engineering studies at KTH in Stockholm, 10 years leadership experience in China at Xylem, Huber+Suhner and AQ, worked in AQ Group management, Business Area Manager Injection Moulding and MD AQ Plast, Investment Management experience from AB Traction including several board of director positions including, Drillcon Group, Sigicom and Ankarsrum Industries.  

Owns more then 5%: Lejla Invest AB

Share Holding AQ: 8830 shares

Christina Hegg
Born: 1970
Appointed: April 1, 2020
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Education and experience: Master degree in Economics from Stockholm University, worked more than 20 years as chartered accountant and also as CFO/Business Controller at two different IS/IT companies.
Other current assignments: Board member of AQ Subsidiaries
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: Pennstället 87 AB
Share holding AQ: 1000 shares

Per Lindblad
M&A and IT
Born: 1959
Appointed: 2008.
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Education and experience: MSc. Engineering physics. Previously working as MD for AQ Trafo and Business area manager for Inductive components within AQ until 2013. Has previously been working in the telecom sector as MD for a subsidiary to Ericsson in the USA.
Other current assignments: Board member in AQ Subsidiaries.
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: -
Share holding AQ: 2 020 Shares

Ragnar Koppel
Sales and Marketing, 
Business Area Director - Sheet Metal Processing; Injection Molding and Precision Stamping
Born: 1982
Appointed: 2019
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Education and experience: MSc in Wood Processing Technology from Tallinn University of Technology. Previously working as MD for AQ Lasertool and AQ Components Suzhou, before as Division Manager for Favor Ltd.  
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: Teraekspert OÜ, Pernauer OÜ
Share holding AQ: 1360 Shares

Paulina Duszel (On parental leave)
Sales and Marketing
Born: 1981
Appointed: 2019
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Education and experience: MBA education from Minot State University. Many years intarnational sales experience as Global Sales Director  for AQ Business Area Wiring Systems.
Other current assignments: -
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: -
Share holding AQ: -